Why Self Publishing is so important.

By Jack (Jacqueline) Tanti.

Publishing a book by yourself is hard work. No argument. But it is worth it. Totally, one hundred percent worth it. You’re free to write about whatever you like, push the boundaries of the mind as far as you can and throw everything you have of yourself into the work because at the end of the day you’re deciding exactly what goes in and what doesn’t. You are like God.

Can it be expensive? You bet. Eventually you may have to pay for an editor and proof reader to check such subtle, annoying things as grammar, spelling and continuity because it is actually true – you really cannot proof your own work!

Can it be soul destroying? Definitely, getting a novel out of your head and onto paper is exactly like using a hammer and chisel for brain surgery. Most of the time it’s guess work and there is always blood. You’ll forget things like friends and family and it’s a bit of a sacrifice.

But again it is totally worth it.

Self published authors are the ones that wake up a nation and inspire. Free from the constrains of the “norm” and the “bottom line”, you can weave whatever tales you like, make your characters do whatever you want, invent an entirely different genre or even a different way of writing. You can do this because it’s your book, it’s your story and you can bloody well do whatever you like in it!

But you have to do it.

There is the saying that everyone has a book inside them and it’s true. Writing a book is like achieving immortality because it will last longer than you. Books linger, they are kept, stored and stashed away in library shelves and in bedrooms. You’ll live forever if you write a book.

And you could change someone’s life.

There isn’t a book that I’ve read that hasn’t changed my world in some way. That hasn’t shifted my perspective and made things just that much more colourful. Nelson Mandela was inspired throughout prison by a single poem, do you think that poet wrote that poem hoping to do that?

You need to write your book. No matter how long it is. Get that done and get it published, get it out there.

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your readers. So best get started.


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