Arrival of Tony White’s masterpieces.

The magnificent Tony White has kindly sent through a selection of his finest independent fiction for our Box Bookstore. Appearing in a number of our Norwich based network these novels, aimed at the young adult, will be reading for viewing, paging and purchase very soon.

Tony White is a very accomplished writer having written professionally for a number of years and is sought after by publications for his illuminating approaching to pieces and engaging manner of writing. Very pleased to have him involved. You can catch Tony on Twitter at @heytonyofficial 

The titles are:

Dargrim’s Dungeon

The Ebocane Expedition (Sequel to Dargrim’s Dungeon)

and FreeRale- Steamfunk in the 1870s.

All of the above are available for online purchase and as always Amazon and Goodread reviews will be appreciated.


Dargrim’s Dungeon


The Realm’s in a recession, and nobody’s feeling the pinch more than Dargrim Eboncane, whose once-popular dungeon brimming with deathtraps and goblins is beginning to flounder in an unstable economy. Determined to get his business back on track, evil genius Eboncane sets out to revitalise his approach, though on the way sets in motion a cavalcade of conspiracies as various individuals with more eccentricities than you can shake a large sticky stick at each plan to overthrow the other, leaving the very Realm on the brink of civil war. Also; princesses, annoying vampires, invulnerable paladins, flirtatious forty-somethings and pizza. And eels!


Ebocane Expedition:


The follow-up to ‘Dargrim’s Dungeon’, ‘The Eboncane Expedition’, flings Dargrim Eboncane into a wry and explorational adventure pocked with silliness, sarcasm and unhinged gnomish weaponry, wrought by the salubriously bonkers creativity of writer and doodler Tony P White. Airships are all the rage in any budding fantasy kingdom, and the same can be said of The Realm, which has just discovered that apparently the world has Other Realms in it. This shattering revelation calls for derring-do and heroism, but instead local villain-about-town Dargrim is sent to explore the ever-broadening horizon on a boat tied to a big balloon. Turns out evil’s just as much beyond his doorstep as on it… and moreover, is adamant on wiping its shoes on the carpet. It will take cunning, guile, and definitely not getting distracted by sexy legs to win the day; and as allegiances shift, Dargrim discovers that sometimes, it really is best just to stay indoors with milk and biscuits after all.

Available for online purchase at : Visit Tony Whit’s Lulu StoreFront.



When 1970s aesthetics mash with 19th Century technology, it’s called ‘steamfunk’. Independent city-states scatter across the Greater Wastelands, spluttering smog to the choking air. Mankind’s short history is dominated by the big weird black metal thing known only as The Husk, embedded into the centre of The Continent. And among the madness, Lenny Freerale forges forth to reclaim his father’s lost Per-Mo document, a recipe for a tantalising engine of perpetual motion. Along the way, he’ll meet a kooky blonde train driver with hidden depths, bawdy booming aristocrats with a peculiar penchant for disco, enigmatic six-foot brunettes with intriguing facial inkings and the lowest dregs of society, ensconced within the torn-out remnants of the world’s most mysterious landmark. In fits of argumentative madness, Lenny Freerale and Penny Piptrack will thrash forwards, ever forwards, in desperate scrambles of steam, sweat and silliness in the world’s first steamfunk novel!


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