Dargrim’s Dungeon by Tony White

dargrims-dungeonThe Realm’s in a recession, and nobody’s feeling the pinch more than Dargrim Eboncane, whose once-popular dungeon brimming with deathtraps and goblins is beginning to flounder in an unstable economy. Determined to get his business back on track, evil genius Eboncane sets out to revitalise his approach, though on the way sets in motion a cavalcade of conspiracies as various individuals with more eccentricities than you can shake a large sticky stick at each plan to overthrow the other, leaving the very Realm on the brink of civil war. Also; princesses, annoying vampires, invulnerable paladins, flirtatious forty-somethings and pizza. And eels!



By Tony White

Twitter: @HeyTonyOfficial



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