The Eboncane Expedition by Tony White

ebocane-expeditionThe follow-up to ‘Dargrim’s Dungeon’, ‘The Eboncane Expedition’, flings Dargrim Eboncane into a wry and explorational adventure pocked with silliness, sarcasm and unhinged gnomish weaponry, wrought by the salubriously bonkers creativity of writer and doodler Tony P White. Airships are all the rage in any budding fantasy kingdom, and the same can be said of The Realm, which has just discovered that apparently the world has Other Realms in it. This shattering revelation calls for derring-do and heroism, but instead local villain-about-town Dargrim is sent to explore the ever-broadening horizon on a boat tied to a big balloon. Turns out evil’s just as much beyond his doorstep as on it. . . and moreover, is adamant on wiping its shoes on the carpet. It will take cunning, guile, and definitely not getting distracted by sexy legs to win the day; and as allegiances shift, Dargrim discovers that sometimes, it really is best just to stay indoors with milk and biscuits after all.

By Tony White

Twitter: @HeyTonyOfficial


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