Okay, you’re in for a shock. Google ads, Facebook boosts, Twitter ads, Instagram, Linked IN, Goodreads and Amazon reviews may not be working for you.

As a self published author you are against thousands upon thousands of other self published authors around the world who are doing exactly the same thing for their marketing.

Entire companies and self publishing publishing houses make money from hapless writers because it’s an easy way to qualify their efforts. They do this via the analytics of well placed ads on your website, blog page and online bookstore that could demonstrate thousands of hits every day. Irrespective of whether these result in any book sales, with figures like that anyone being paid for it can still market themselves as “successful promoters”.

This isn’t to say that the above is useless. You absolutely do need social media, a website and you will definitely need to be on Kindle and various other ebooks including Goodreads. But technology and culture have changed the game. The modern person is bombarded every time they go online by adverts trying to make them buy something, so much so that people just don’t bother anymore unless they have a reason to. You need to affect them offline to really catch their eye and their imagination. If you eventually want to be paying your bills by writing, then try the following.

  1. STAND FOR SOMETHING.Whatever it was that made you want to write a book in the first place can be a guiding light that will attract people to your work. If you have a cause that you believe in, become an ambassador for it. If that is standing up for victims of domestic violence, building houses for the homeless- or perhaps going onto the other side of the scale and being a voice for capitalism, socialism or the death penalty, whatever it is that you believe in is worth fighting for. Don’t be afraid to say something after you’ve put it in a book, fans demand it.
  2. MEET YOUR FANS. You don’t need to be an epic speaker or a celebrity to meet your fans. Whether you have five or a million fans you’ve got to meet them and let them see you in person. This opportunity to engage with them is important. It is saying, “Yes, you read my book but I am interested in your story.”
  3. DO SOMETHING OFF THE INTERNET– Alex Scarrow, the best selling author of TimeRiders often remarked on how useful he found engaging with an audience, live at book readings, signings and events where he could meet his fans, answer their questions and share his excitement about his work. I have known some writers who have paid their bills just by sitting next to a pile of their books on a busy street in a city and asking people to talk to them about their work. The guts to do that is almost enough in itself (or, you know, ask someone else to do it for you).
  4. GET SEEN BY YOUR FANS. So important. Get seen by your fans. If you write science fiction and you’re not going to rallies, events and Comicon and telling everyone who has ever bought your book to meet you there then you are missing a trick. Social media works especially well when you’re shared by someone you don’t know but who knows you (ie. A fan). Be a self promoter off of the internet at events that your fans go to.
  5. ENTER COMPETITIONS, GO TO SEMINARS AND EVENTS. Bit of repetition here but worth mentioning. Never underestimate the power of being involved in a competition for your writing. Even if you have no chance of winning, they are usually connected to events where fans and writers come together and it will always be worthwhile.
  6. SPEND LESS TIME READING LISTICLES AND “HOW TO” ARTICLES. Spend less time reading lists and articles about “How to” and get busy. These kinds of articles are useful but not as useful as actually getting stuck in. Pick one of the above and focus on doing it, just get busy, get off your butt and start hustling. Pick one of the subjects above and get to work, focus on it entirely. Stop trying to gain education and look to get experience. The secret to having a best selling book- hustle your ass off and enjoy doing it.


A new Box In Norwich

Early days. This is where we are, early days. Box Bookstore has set up its second Box, this one in the ever so cool Locomotion Coffee Cafe in The Garage Studio of Norwich overlooking Chapelfield Gardens. 

Featuring young adult novels from independent author Tony White, we’ve managed to get another author a distribution chain that was, previously, a little out of his grasp. He would have made it without us but we’re happy to have helped. 

Tony White can be found on Twitter @heytonyofficial

It’s early days though, currently all that we have are relationships and good communication with our hosts and our writers and a firm focus on our target. 100 sites by 2018. 

98 to go. In 10 months. 

Definitely early days 🙂 But every single Box is a victory, every single box is a win for independent, self published writers everywhere. 

2017 is going to be an awesome year! 

Arrival of Tony White’s masterpieces.

The magnificent Tony White has kindly sent through a selection of his finest independent fiction for our Box Bookstore. Appearing in a number of our Norwich based network these novels, aimed at the young adult, will be reading for viewing, paging and purchase very soon.

Tony White is a very accomplished writer having written professionally for a number of years and is sought after by publications for his illuminating approaching to pieces and engaging manner of writing. Very pleased to have him involved. You can catch Tony on Twitter at @heytonyofficial 

The titles are:

Dargrim’s Dungeon

The Ebocane Expedition (Sequel to Dargrim’s Dungeon)

and FreeRale- Steamfunk in the 1870s.

All of the above are available for online purchase and as always Amazon and Goodread reviews will be appreciated.


Dargrim’s Dungeon


The Realm’s in a recession, and nobody’s feeling the pinch more than Dargrim Eboncane, whose once-popular dungeon brimming with deathtraps and goblins is beginning to flounder in an unstable economy. Determined to get his business back on track, evil genius Eboncane sets out to revitalise his approach, though on the way sets in motion a cavalcade of conspiracies as various individuals with more eccentricities than you can shake a large sticky stick at each plan to overthrow the other, leaving the very Realm on the brink of civil war. Also; princesses, annoying vampires, invulnerable paladins, flirtatious forty-somethings and pizza. And eels!


Ebocane Expedition:


The follow-up to ‘Dargrim’s Dungeon’, ‘The Eboncane Expedition’, flings Dargrim Eboncane into a wry and explorational adventure pocked with silliness, sarcasm and unhinged gnomish weaponry, wrought by the salubriously bonkers creativity of writer and doodler Tony P White. Airships are all the rage in any budding fantasy kingdom, and the same can be said of The Realm, which has just discovered that apparently the world has Other Realms in it. This shattering revelation calls for derring-do and heroism, but instead local villain-about-town Dargrim is sent to explore the ever-broadening horizon on a boat tied to a big balloon. Turns out evil’s just as much beyond his doorstep as on it… and moreover, is adamant on wiping its shoes on the carpet. It will take cunning, guile, and definitely not getting distracted by sexy legs to win the day; and as allegiances shift, Dargrim discovers that sometimes, it really is best just to stay indoors with milk and biscuits after all.

Available for online purchase at Lulu.com : Visit Tony Whit’s Lulu StoreFront.



When 1970s aesthetics mash with 19th Century technology, it’s called ‘steamfunk’. Independent city-states scatter across the Greater Wastelands, spluttering smog to the choking air. Mankind’s short history is dominated by the big weird black metal thing known only as The Husk, embedded into the centre of The Continent. And among the madness, Lenny Freerale forges forth to reclaim his father’s lost Per-Mo document, a recipe for a tantalising engine of perpetual motion. Along the way, he’ll meet a kooky blonde train driver with hidden depths, bawdy booming aristocrats with a peculiar penchant for disco, enigmatic six-foot brunettes with intriguing facial inkings and the lowest dregs of society, ensconced within the torn-out remnants of the world’s most mysterious landmark. In fits of argumentative madness, Lenny Freerale and Penny Piptrack will thrash forwards, ever forwards, in desperate scrambles of steam, sweat and silliness in the world’s first steamfunk novel!


Why Self Publishing is so important.

By Jack (Jacqueline) Tanti.

Publishing a book by yourself is hard work. No argument. But it is worth it. Totally, one hundred percent worth it. You’re free to write about whatever you like, push the boundaries of the mind as far as you can and throw everything you have of yourself into the work because at the end of the day you’re deciding exactly what goes in and what doesn’t. You are like God.

Can it be expensive? You bet. Eventually you may have to pay for an editor and proof reader to check such subtle, annoying things as grammar, spelling and continuity because it is actually true – you really cannot proof your own work!

Can it be soul destroying? Definitely, getting a novel out of your head and onto paper is exactly like using a hammer and chisel for brain surgery. Most of the time it’s guess work and there is always blood. You’ll forget things like friends and family and it’s a bit of a sacrifice.

But again it is totally worth it.

Self published authors are the ones that wake up a nation and inspire. Free from the constrains of the “norm” and the “bottom line”, you can weave whatever tales you like, make your characters do whatever you want, invent an entirely different genre or even a different way of writing. You can do this because it’s your book, it’s your story and you can bloody well do whatever you like in it!

But you have to do it.

There is the saying that everyone has a book inside them and it’s true. Writing a book is like achieving immortality because it will last longer than you. Books linger, they are kept, stored and stashed away in library shelves and in bedrooms. You’ll live forever if you write a book.

And you could change someone’s life.

There isn’t a book that I’ve read that hasn’t changed my world in some way. That hasn’t shifted my perspective and made things just that much more colourful. Nelson Mandela was inspired throughout prison by a single poem, do you think that poet wrote that poem hoping to do that?

You need to write your book. No matter how long it is. Get that done and get it published, get it out there.

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your readers. So best get started.